Logo der Schreinerei Siebenhütter aus Egling an der Paar

Our Sawmill


Our horizontal bandsawmill allows us to saw trunks up to a diameter of 150 cm and a length up to 7 meters.

Then the planks will be piled on special spacers for - depending on the type of wood - about two years. After that, a secondary drying will be made in a drying camber, so that the wood will reach a moisture content of about 7-8 %. Only now it can become your furniture. 


The expension of our plant with a log band saw driven sawmill allows us to execute the whole manufacturing process from the natural trunk to the final furniture. 

Our ecological intention: to process the renewable and regional resource wood in our carpenter´s shop as a big gain for us and our customers.

The dispositon of regional resources and short routes improves the ecobalance.