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  • wooden walls convey warmth and comfort

    building material wood has excellent properties in the matter of building physics.

  • development phase of a framehouse
    floor plans designed and configured to meet customer wishes.
  • wood as a massiv bulding material

    wood - massiv and static powerful!

  • steel beams

    steelbeams support static requirements.

  • attica at the roof of a framehouse

    premounted elements for dust-less and low noise fitting.

  • feel-good framehouse

    feel-good bulding material wood provides moisture controled walls and optimal room climate and noies reduction.

  • Assembling the windows

    the next step: assembling of the glas elements.

  • suction cups

    huge suction cups lift the huge windows!

  • window work is finished

    XXXL-window measures over 10 meters! that´s real huge!!!

home made out of wood


wood is the feel-good building material of future housing.

moisture regulating timber boards ensure an excellent noise reduction and an optimal room climate. also the easily construction of a passive house would be possible due to the fine insulating properties of  wood. wood as a sustainable material is not just ecological useful, but also aesthetic, resilient and allows the design of free forms and an utilisation of large spans. slim wall structures provide additional space.



the carpenter Siebenhütter will build your new home out of wood - the most natural building material - having regard to your individual customer-wishes!  



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