Logo der Schreinerei Siebenhütter aus Egling an der Paar

  • sideboard kambala

    sideboard for the hall, made out of massive kambala.

  • hall furniture kambala

    a mitre jointed hall furniture made out of kambala 

  • wardrobe extends over two floors.

    high gloss wardrobe extends over tweo floors.

  • locker high gloss macassar

    flushmounted locker made of high gloss macassar.

  • Sideboard Highgloss White - LED illuminated Mirror

    white - high gloss - sideboard with an LED-illuminated mirror.

    wardrobe high gloss white and chalked-up oak.

    shoe cabinet painted in smoked oak.

  • Panel Furniture High Gloss White and Stool

    panel furniture high gloss white (left) and stainless steel and leather stool (right)