Logo der Schreinerei Siebenhütter aus Egling an der Paar

  • table with antique brewery transmission

    oiled old-oak table, rack made out of an antique, sand blasted and natural lacquered brewery transmission.

  • couch table made of oak wood truss

    couch table, made out of an oak baulk with stainless steel-rack and clear glass shelf.

  • corner seat massive oak

    table and corner seat made massive oak, rattan-seats.

  • suite white leather steamed acacia

    suite, steamed acacia, white leather, stainless steel stands.

  • glass-topped table walnut

    glas-topped table made of walnut

  • bench-divan walnut

    bench-divan made of walnut.

  • tabletop massiv oak

    tabletop, massive oak: 1000 mm x 3000 mm.

  • bench cow-skin

    comfortable divan, cow-skin-design.

  • table, table board made out of oak

    modern table: table top made out of oak, table-leg with four different colours.

  • divan massive oak

    divan made of massive oak, black painted, leather padding (cushion frame).